The Moontower CCG is the amp that started it all. We are very close with Collar City Guitars owner, Peter Fisher. Peter needed a "shop amp" for use around the store. The amp solves a set of needs: a pedal platform for demoing guitars and pedals; a simlified feature set and control panel; lightweight and easily transported; and it can't blow the entire shop away with volume. Moontower went to the drafting board and the CCG model was born. 


The CCG packs into a compact 112 combo format. It features a pair of 6V6 power amp tubes, a 12AY7 input preamp tube and a 12AX7 driver tube. The CCG is designed to stay clean throughout its volume range. A single input jack and three knobs controlling volume, treble, and bass adorn the front panel. 


Expected availability June 2024, expected MSRP $2099